’Strawberries and Cheddar’ is a series of visual poetic stories about looking for home in a metaphorical sense. Through poetic expression and photographing still lives composed of items from his surroundings, Petar reflects on his state of being and searching for the meaning of fate. The work engages with topics such as relationships, friendships, mundane reality, The Dreamlands and mental state. The photographs themselves aim to portray a reality where everything is boiled down to interactions between objects and spaces. The particular interactions illustrated in the photographs are inspired by Petar’s own experiences. Every image is a representation of an event that has occurred in the domestic space Petar has been inhabiting at the time, and all the items in the images symbolise the people he was with or himself. Each photograph can be looked as an individual story and once they’re linked together a grander story unfolds.
Currently Petar is working on a series of publications that would house the completed work along with poetry accompanying it.