In a creative collaboration between photographer Petar Petrov and Fashion Designer Laura Jasuinaite, the garments she’s made take on a life of their own. Each one takes a form of a character of ambiguous yet beautiful form. Their exact  back - stories are unknown, mysterious and alluring. However in the photographs we’re shown one particular event that all the garments seem to be interacting around. Beautifully sitting on top of their golden thrones, the characters embodied by the clothing ponder on the sight in front of them -  a broken throne, beneath a red cloth. Layered with bricks on top, as if there was an uncanny event in their garden. 
These collaborative pieces are a still life editorial aimed to artistically reimagine the designers first fashion collection. As opposed to using models, Petar and Laura express their vision through objects, colour and expression through the interactions of these objects and the garments.​​​​​​
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