‘Giants above The Cherries’  is Petar’s metaphorical farewell to his hometown of Kyustendil in Bulgaria. Started in 2016 and finished in 2018, by going back and forth between the UK and Bulgaria, Petar documented his hometown and the surrounding areas. Through exploration, he reflects on his memories of the places he went to as well as looking at those places through a new lens, with a new sense of discovery. Searching for the beauty he once took for granted and for the charm of the places he went to, no matter how rough it might be.
However, some of Petar’s journeys through his hometown had rather unfortunate outcomes. Places where he used to spend his childhood had now been left abandoned and rotting. Thus Petar turned his lens to document parts of his hometown’s infrastructure he was thoroughly disappointed by, exposing both, parts of the history of Kyustendil, as well as the negligence of its inhabitants.
‘Giants above The Cherries’ is a documentary that aims to immerse the viewer in a different world, challenge their feelings and peak their interest towards a different, foreign land.